If you read my article “How to Make a National School Food Program Happen,” you may be wondering what you can do to get the federal government to #SayYestoGoodFoodinSchools and fund a #NationalSchoolFoodProgram for all Canadian children and youth.

You can do two easy things:

(1) Let your Member of Parliament know you support a National Nutrition Program.  I have an email template to make this super easy. Not sure who you MP is? Use this search engine to find out!

(2) Make some noise online.  Retweet the article and tag your local municipal, provincial and federal politicians so they continue to hear about this.

Why is this important? A few weeks ago I was told by a Toronto MP, and food systems advocate, that she heard more about potholes than food issues, even all the while our first ever federal #FoodPolicy4Canada was being discussed over the last many months!

We need your voice and your quick email to your MP to make sure this important issue bubbles up to the top!

Then click the image below to download the template!


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  1. Shiba

    I sent an email to my MP in Oakville ON

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